The purpose of our mission and the nature of our work is to encourage and empower our diverse city residents with eco-friendly literature, events, and programs using SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Timely) sustainability campaigns.  

Our mission is to launch the development of a series of ongoing community Repair Cafe Clinics and Swapalooza Swap Meet events in the Providence, Rhode Island community. 

Our Dare to Repair Clinic will be the first of its kind in the state of Rhode Island and the city of Providence since the conception of the very first repair cafè which started in Amsterdam a decade ago. 


Waste-Free Providence’s inaugural Dare to Repair Cafe Clinic will be in December of 2019. Our monthly scheduled repair cafè events will be held indoors at Gloria Dei Church in Providence throughout the colder months and outdoors on the grounds of the Rhode Island statehouse during the warmer months. 


The Dare to Repair Cafe Clinic will be a 4-hour fun family and community event with music by a well known local disc jockey, free samples from local supportive restaurants and food trucks, a live on-air broadcast from a local radio station, and free door prizes and giveaways provided by our corporate sponsors. 


Every Dare to Repair Cafe Clinic will enlist the involvement of community volunteers with the knowledge and the experience to assist our event attendees. The Repair Cafe Clinic’s ultimate goal is reshaping the Providence community’s behavioral patterns, culture, and attitude about the negative impact of increased waste and pollution in our environment.  


We hope to provide the literary material we have developed, host monthly events, and provide support to other communities that want to implement similar SMART campaigns. 


Our research shows that pro-recycling and anti-littering programs like ours will spread throughout the various cities and towns of the Ocean State. The flavor and format of the Dare to Repair Cafe Clinic events allows for a unique, scalable approach that will help promote community engagement as well as sponsors and support. 


The Waste-Free Providence Dare to Repair Cafe Clinic embodies the passion, power, and purpose of true grassroots lobbying and advocacy work. Our work uplifts people, and we believe that regional support and media attention will emerge as our partners recognize the dire need for more SMART sustainability. 


In the development of our cafè clinic events in the city of Providence, our purpose is:

  • Cultivating awareness of the pronounced impact reuse has on the environment, personal well-being, and our community’s resiliency;
  • To develop the motivation to repair the items we have and extend their life and;
  • Developing the capacity to repair by learning to fix things ourselves.

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