Local economy:  Community Repair Events are not about competing with or supplanting local repair shops.  Rather, events support them through raising people’s awareness and inciting their motivation to fix.  Fixers and organizers make referrals to local repair shops and suppliers, which means good jobs.

Personal benefits include: individual empowerment, personal satisfaction, developing critical thinking skills, and changing the way people relate with material objects. 


Founded in Berkeley by Peter Mui!
Over 400 clinics held nationwide
Locally organized by and at Berkeley Public Library
Details on the Fixit Clinics website

What Fixit Clinic Events Are:

Do-it-together, hands-on, STEM-based fix-n-learn, community-based exploration and discovery workshops for all ages.

  A Free Workshop! 
NOT free repair services.
Fixit Clinics are participatory events.

Participants bring broken things for help assessing, disassembling, and possibly repairing.  Fixit Clinic provides: 1) workspace, 2) specialty tools, and 3) volunteer Fixit Coaches to help repair all kinds of things — from lamps, clothing, and toys, to mechanical, furniture, electronics, and appliances … pretty much anything that can be brought through the door. 

Whether fixed or not everyone learns something about how it was made and worked.  And then didn’t!

How is a Fixit Clinic different from a Repair Café?  The heart of both is fixing.  Fixit Clinics are explore-and-discover STEM workshops focused on learning through fixing.

Short video from The News Hour
Longer video interview of Peter Mui at eTown eChievement Awards, on larger vision for Repair
Information on Volunteering to be a Fixit Coach
Fixit Coach Howdy Goudy is a champion of repair:  Lawrence Berkeley Lab Newsletter

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