Repair Cafés are half-day participatory events where community members come together to help each other repair what’s broken. See this Berkeleyside video from the inaugural Berkeley Repair Café we organized in May 2018. We helped Transition Berkeley take leadership of Repair Cafés going forward; see this video from the first of their many Repair Cafés planned for The East Bay: Transition Berkeley Repair Café.

The Fundamentals:  Neighbors get to know each other over coffee, snacks and repair projects, learning about repair, sharing knowledge and skills, and squeezing more life out of the things they have. These events are intended to educate and are not a free drop-off repair service.

A team of volunteer “fixers” will be on hand who know how to repair all kinds of things and will work together with attendees to diagnose and repair broken items. The fix rate runs about 60-70% — everyone gives it a good try and learns a lot about fixing along the way.

Participants can bring all kinds of household items including – lamps, clothing, toys, furniture, electronics, appliances and bicycles … pretty much anything that can be carried through the door.

How is a Repair Café different from a Fixit Clinic? The heart of both is fixing. Repair Cafés are just larger and have lots of ancillary activities around repair, reuse and community well-being.

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