Give one, get one, at Swapalooza!


You’re invited to a festival of sharing, swapping and up-cycling!


Waste Free Rhode Island is happy to present Swapalooza! A fun community event designed to reduce the impact that waste has on our landfills and environment.


Bring your unwanted goods to exchange for new treasures, or up-cycle your clothes right on the spot. Our team of designers will be there to give your beloved outfits a new life!




“Swapalooza” is a friendly community swap festival that invites everyone to be more eco-conscious: buy less, swap more, recycle and up-cycle.


What is a “swap”? – to exchange, barter or trade one thing for another.


What is “palooza”? – Originating in the early 1900s, the word “lollapalooza” refers to a “remarkable or wonderful person or thing, an exceptional example or instance.” The suffix “palooza” has since referred to extravagant festivals around the world.


Swapalooza is an exceptional example of wonderful people coming together to help one another and the environment.



  1. By up-cycling instead of throwing away your old items, you’re doing your part to save the environment.
  2. Besides helping the environment, you’re making an impact in the local community. The item you swap will go to someone who needs it and couldn’t afford it otherwise.
  3. Give one, get one! Bring an item to swap and get a new (to you) item!
  4. You save money by swapping with someone else instead of buying new!




October 26th (Saturday) 2019 // 10:00 am -1:00 pm at the Gloria Dei Lutheran Church located at 15 Hayes Street Providence, Rhode Island.


Across the street from the Providence Place (Cheesecake Restaurant) and next to the Rhode Island State House lawn (Gasbee Street).


Open to the public. Free admission, no pre-registration needed to join. There will be food trucks and live music.



  1. Clothing
  2. Home goods/supplies (kitchenware, vases, picture frames, candles, rugs, etc)
  3. Electronics (Laptops, cell phones, tablets, etc.)
  4. Books, CDs, DVDs/Movies
  5. Toys
  6. Skills! If you have a valuable skill and want to contribute, please do!



  1. Please, no selling at this event. This event is only about the free exchange of items you don’t use anymore.
  2. Please try your best to bring one thing to swap, share or donate.
  3. Please do NOT bring: anything previously used by animals, expired or open food, personal care products, medicine, dirty or ripped clothing or shoes, incomplete (missing parts) toys and games, non-working electronics, or undergarments of any kind including socks.


All leftover items will be donated to the Federal Hill House Association who will distribute them to people in need.


Come out and see us on Saturday for a fun Fall weekend event!




Waste Free Rhode Island is an environmentally friendly organization with a green recycling mission of creative environmental stewards dedicated to cultivating sustainable platforms for creative collaboration.


They believe it’s time we all focus on environmental protection and sustainable development within our daily lives. They aim to provide environmentally friendly products and organize and promote green activities.


Waste Free Rhode Island is excited to share this consciousness and encourages people to value and love the things they own and ensure nothing is wasted.


Darrell Turner, from Providence Rhode Island, founder of Waste-Free Rhode Island is an eco-enthusiast who hopes to create a platform for sharing secondhand skills and knowledge through building a community of swappers.


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